Orthomolecular veterinary supplements

Supplementary food for dogs and cats


What is Animo Complexe?

High-quality nutritional supplements, broad-spectrum, and with evident results. Our product is based on complex orthomolecular formulas, rigorously studied by biologists and successfully tested by veterinarians in their daily clinics.



We use organic components in accordance with European legislation.

The nutrients are backed by controlled traceability

Manufactured in a European laboratory that complies with GMP standards, including ISO 22000/2005 certification.


Products in powder format

CALM - Emotional health
CARDIO - Cardiovascular health
DERMO - Dermatological well-being
GERIATRIK - Cognitive function
FLEXOMAX - Joint health / large breeds
FLEXOMIN - Joint health / small breeds

Products in liquid format

SALMON OIL - Skin and Coat
HEPATO - Hepatic well-being
ONCOPET - Immune system
REN - Renal well-being
VIRIAL - Viral conditions

A brand with tradition

Animo Complexe and its origins

Animo Complexe was established in France in 2006, spearheaded by Dr. veterinarian Henry Guiral, along with a group of French veterinarians and biologists who are passionate and knowledgeable about micronutrition as a complement to allopathic medicine.


Commitment to the professional

Veterinary team

Our top commitment is communication with animal healthcare professionals. Animo Complexe conducts in-person technical-information seminars for veterinarians, with free attendance. We also offer webinars and technical monographs online.

Another feature we provide is a direct, personalized customer support line. Any inquiry, whether technical or commercial, is handled with our utmost attention.


Brand values


Our mission is to create a functional, innovative, and generous product in terms of the elements that make up the formulas and their quality, providing the necessary nutrients to achieve homeostasis in manifested imbalances and in the prevention of potential nutritional deficiencies that can lead to a disruption in the health of our pets.


Our vision is to innovate to obtain the best products in the veterinary field. We strive to maintain close contact with professionals to implement complexes in our range that guarantee the greatest benefit to the animal and satisfaction for the owner.

Additionally, we provide free information to professionals with the aim of optimizing the use of our orthomolecular complexes.

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